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Hall of Horrors ScreenshotQuake 1 Maps

Here's the set of levels I did for the original Quake 1 game. I created these in Deathmatch Maker 1 and even won a computer in a mapping contest!


Hall of Horrors - The first map I released using Deathmatch Maker. Not bad for a first map and is playable as either a single player map or deathmatch map.

The Hub - I won a Dell P200 in a HappyPuppy level design contest. I think it looks and plays pretty well. At least well enough to win a contest!

The Lost Tec Center - My last map before I moved on to Quake 2. The most elaborate of my Quake 1 maps, including my reproduction of the staircase inside the courthouse of Marquette, MI. Like all of the others, it's playable for both single player and deathmatch.

Many thanks to:

  • My wife and DM partner, Deb

If you're looking to play Quake 1 under Windows XP or more modern versions of Windows, I'd recommend ProQuake